Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

You are never too young to lead… as proven by Jake, one of the ‘Junior Young Leaders’ at Port Noarlunga Primary School in South Australia. Jake introduced the “Bread Tags for Wheelchairs” idea to the Junior Young Leaders group and everyone thought this was a great idea. Jake and his peers are now writing to local businesses to spread the word about this initiative, collecting as many bread tags as

The Fundraiser that Requires No Funds

Student leaders love the idea of fundraising to help their school, but it’s sometimes hard to keep asking people to donate money. The current ‘Earn and Learn’ program, run by Woolworths, gives student leaders a new way to help their school, without asking for donations. It’s easy. Every time someone from your school shops at Woolworths, they can collect one sticker for every $10 they spend. The stickers are saved,

A Free Event with One Million Students

National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) is held annually by the Australian Library and Information Association. Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read at the exact same time in libraries, schools, and other locations around Australia. Last year there were over 1,062,230 participants at over 8,255 locations! This fun event is easy for student leaders to organise with a little help from some adults at the

5 Tips for Successful Student Networking

Seventy percent of job roles are never advertised. So how does anyone ever find a job? Networking is one of the most important keys to unlocking the large number of these hidden jobs. Remember that saying: it’s not who you know, but what you know? During your time as a student leader, you are uniquely positioned to ‘get networking’. We asked our friends at ECU to put together five tips

Students Launch Battery Recycling

Chisholm Catholic College, in Perth WA, has a committee of student leaders focused entirley on the ‘Environment’ portfolio. These student leaders realised that in thier state of WA, over 18 million batteries are thrown into landfill each year. To raise awareness and faciliate recycling of batteries in their school community the Environment Committee has organised a battery bin, located in the student entry to reception, to collect dry-cell batteries. These

National Banana Day

May 1st was declared as National Banana Day in Australia. These kinds of interesting days happen almost every day of the year, and can be great starting points for student leaders to come up with school activities. Pictured is a simple idea, involving the writing of encouraging messages on bananas that were given to students. This idea was implemented at Kingston High School, with the bananas given to approximitely 60

Buddy Bench for Port Noarlunga Primary

A group of girls at Port Noarlunga Primary School, south of Adelaide, came up with the idea of a buddy bench. Last week, this idea became a reality. Students who are struggling to find someone to play with will be able to sit on the bench. “As an inclusive school community our students will be able to see that they are alone and will then be able to invite them to

222 Pairs of Footy Boots

Max Beadle is just 14-years old, from Broome in Western Australia. This year, Max moved to Melbourne to study at Caufield Grammar. The first thing he noticed when playing footy – all the players had boots. Max grew up playing for Cable Beach, where not all players had footy boots. Max decided to make a difference, setting up boxes around Melbourne for players to donate footy boots. Already, Max has collected

Zooper Dooper Thursdays

Ben Miller is a year 8  students at Kuyper Christian School. He was one of many students who visited the  Guide Dogs Centre in Glossodia last term as part of the ‘Positove Paws Project’. Ben and his peers visited the guide dog pups once a week to help with their initial training. As a result of these visits, Ben wanted to do something further to help the cause. He decided

Anzac Spirit and Anzac Biscuits

Ocean Road Primary School, in Mandurah Western Australia, rently held their annual fundraiser for Veterans 360, to tie in with their Anzac Day commemoration. The project involves the whole school. 15 staff members cooked multiple batches of Anzac biscuits. Student leaders then visited each classroom over three days selling the biscuits, raising $580 for V360 Australia (pictured). “It is extremely important we get students involved to ensure future generations have an